Noah Wagar
Conductor. Educator.
21st Century Skills

Classroom Technology

As a professional, I am failiar with both Blackboard and Canvas. These educational file-sharing sites also function as a means to send reminders, post grades, and assign work to students. Throughout my internship, I used this as the primary hub for my interactions with students outside of the classroom.

In almost every lesson which I have taught, I used school-provided interactive SmartBoards. I used these devices to enlarge musical scores for the viewing benefit of the class, and I used it to deliver instruction and write information. The students could then scan the QR code and save the entire class’ notes without the hassle of getting paper and pencils from their backpacks during class.

Furthermore, in multiple cases, I have provided student with learning tracks which I made in Finale. This music-notation software is a must for educators who want to cover all of their bases.

Online Learning

In March 2020, many US school systems began to close due to the spread of Covid-19. School systems then introduced policies to continue student learning throughout the rest of the semester.

This semester directly conincided with my student teaching internship. While it was unfortunate to have lost in-person time with the students, it also forced me to quickly learn and adapt online teaching strategies. These strategies were effective in continuing curriculum instruction and maintaining student involvement.

Employed Strategies:

  • Individual voice lessons through video conference
  • Weekly class meetings video conference meetings
  • Canvas utilization for assignments, attendance, and grades
  • Weekly fun assignments i.e. Meme Wars or Senior Glow-Up Photos
  • And more...

Data Analysis

The data above is taken directly from my Unit Plan. This data describes the pretest and posttest results in proficiency by standard. Proficiency here is defined as the student "passing" or earning a score of 70% for that standard.

As is evident by the graph, the proficiency for each standard has risen substantially,therefore we can assume some student acheivement has taken place. The posttest,

Throughout my unit, I specified the