Noah Wagar
Conductor. Educator.
Philosophy & Professional Growth

Teaching Philosophy

Noah Wagar

My teaching philosophy is a student-centered, holistic approach to education which empowers students both in and out of the classroom.

No matter the circumstances, I maintain the same goal for all of my students. My goal for students is to become more knowledgeable about the subject, themselves, and life.

I want my students to enjoy class every day.

Professional Growth

As an educator and profesisonal, I am always striving to become better and grow with every opportunity. In recent years, I have focused my attention on the area of Danielson 2a, building an environment of rapport and respect.

There is no proper substitute for the relationships built in a classroom. Every aspect from how the students interact with one another to how the teacher interacts with the students is important to improving classroom success.

In my Professional Growth Plan (PGP), I detail the steps I took as a professional and my personal reflections to my progress.