Noah Wagar
Conductor. Educator.
Classroom Management and Inclusion

Rules and Procedures

My Classroom Manual contains all of the rules, procedures, and expectations of my classroom. With built in community-building and thourough procedures, this manual is adaptable to any classroom environment.

No matter the circumstances, I maintain the same goal for all of my students. My goal for students is to become more knowledgeable about the subject, themselves, and life.


I always strive for the most inclusive classroom possible, especially as a choral educator. Music, and more specifically singing, is one of the most accessible areas of study. As a student teacher, I requested to be place in a school with a lower socioeconomic status.

As a result of my internship, I am experienced with the challenges associated with lower-income schools and am perpared to address these challenges with meaningful action.

The two documents above, Demographics and Letters, were both vital pieces of my internship. One depicts the research and collection of the students' demographic information and the other is a letter to parents in Spanish. While most of the students spoke English fluently, the majority of students spoke Spanish at home. This letter was intended for parents as an update to the the unit.


This sample lesson depicts a standard chorus rehearsal with a portion of rehearsal deicated to teaching proper pronunciation. During this lesson, I had to specifically address this because the majority of the class' second language is Spanish. I set aside time to teach them the difference between sung and spoken Spanish.

This not only fixed the ensembles' pronunciation and unity, but it also helped the students relate to this fundamental concept. Hearing the difference in Spanish text was easier for some of them to grasp versus using English text.

In this class specifically, I made modifications to many other aspects of class because we had student who was confined to her wheelchair. Some instances of mofication include using the SmartBoard for better visibility, providing a stand and student helper when necessary, and rearranging student seats to physically accommodate her in the ensemble.